Extend the life of your devices with our tips


We all understand the pain of a phone falling apart on us and the thought of forking out even more money to get it fixed or to buy a new one is disconcerting. You don’t have to experience that anymore as our tips can help to extend the life of your phones, laptops and other electrical devices. Discover computer maintenance.

Improving the battery life

Don’t you just hate it when you’re out with your friend, you go to take a picture together and you find your phone is out of battery? Our little tips and tricks will help to keep your battery lasting all day. Click here for phones with the best battery life.

  • Adjust the brightness – indoor locations don’t need as much light from your phone as rooms are at a specific lighting level.
  • Keep your phone away from high temperatures – if you’re exposed to high temperatures frequently, e.g. holidays, put your phone in the shade and not out in the sun.
  • Turn location services off – Even if you are not using an app with a GPS, when the setting is on, it still requires energy.

Phone cases & covers

Our phones are advanced pieces of technology that we would find it hard to live without, but they can be fragile and without a durable case this can call for scuffed sides and smashed screens. By choosing a tough case, this gives extra protection for your phone compared to what a standard case could. Shop today.

Clean on a regular basis

Dust can accumulate in small parts of our devices, such as the headphone jack and charging port. If dust does begin to build up this can heat your phone up and can lead to important components not functioning properly and failing. See: Device Repairs.

To keep the dust from building up, use a small dry brush and very gently remove dust from port areas. This should be done every few weeks.

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