Data Recovery Advice Centre


Bailey & Waine Tech Solutions are a top tier data solutions advice provider. What this means is that we are able to offer a complete advice service regarding gamut of data solutions that stretch beyond just data retrieval.

An overview of some of our advice regarding data solutions can be found below:

Data Recovery Services – File Data Recovery

The need for file data recovery can occur for a number of reasons but in a lot of cases deletion of files is entirely accidental. Often files are accidently deleted from the computer or even from the recycle bin in error, and in some cases file loss is due to accidental hard drive formats or partition errors. Lost and deleted files are often quite recoverable and restoring deleted data is generally very successful.

Hard Drive Recovery and Hard Drive Repair

The need for hard drive recovery can be caused by a number of different data issues which can be either software or file related , or in other cases hardware related.
Hard drive recovery is generally very successful when caused by software issues providing data is not further destroyed.

Equally with a first class clean room when hard disk failure occurs a hard drive repair can often be effected by replacement of failed components which can be sourced from extensive stockholdings enabling you to get your data back as soon as possible.

Raid Data Recovery

Many businesses run raid arrayed servers and network attached storage systems using raid arrays. Raid failure can stop a business in its tracks so make sure your seek advice as soon as possible to avoid further data loss.

Raid recovery technicians are not only fully experienced in the common forms of raid (raid 1 recovery, raid 5 recovery and raid 10 recovery) but also in many of the more exotic raid array configurations.

Database Recovery

With an increasing reliance on data based application database recovery is a vitally important part of any data recovery solution. Often data base rebuilds are required and in many cases these go hand in hand with raid failures but equally could be caused by file system structure corruptions.

Data base recovery specialists will not only be experienced in common requirements for example Microsoft exchange recovery and Sql data recovery, but are also well versed in many other common and some not so common database formats as well as Unix and Linux file formats.

Mac Data Recovery

Whilst a majority of industries and home users use Microsoft platforms there is still a very large base of Apple Macintosh users in the UK. Mac data recovery offers differing challenges and differing file formats from other file systems and often are best left to Mac experts.

Computer Repairs UK’s Mac recovery services are not only restricted to computers, notebooks and servers though with an increasing number of mobile devices us apple file formats we can also perform iPhone recovery and iPod recovery as well as portable flash media using the Mac file system.

Pen Drive Repair and USB Memory Card Recovery

Portable flash memory can be found in many devices and the pen drive has become the favourite method of quick and cheap mobile storage holding massive amounts of data compared to floppy disks, Cd’s and Dvd’s.

Memory card recovery and pen drive repair requirements are increasing as more flash memory is in use every day. Wecan offer USB memory recovery and pen drive repair as well as file recovery and photo recovery from many types of flash memory including sim cards, xd cards, sd cards and memory sticks.