Computer Maintenance


We offer an advice service that assists on all comprehensive computer repair services, all of which are flexible and affordable.

We advise on fixing a variety of computers from different manufacturers from Dell and HP to Lenovo and Sony VAIO.

Our policy is to always give the highest level of service and support and offer the best value for no money. We actively serve our local community in all their PC support and Gaming needs, but also welcome others who need advice.

Just give us the following details and we will get back gto you: Contact us.
– Tell us your computer problem
– Send your address
– Get your computer problems fixed

We offer networking support for a variety of manufactuers. We also offer audit support.

We are an independent advice centre for Laptop & PC Repair Centre based in Somerset.

  • No Job Too Small (or too BIG!)
  • Skilled & Qualified IT Technicians 
  • Friendly And Supportive Staff
  • Fast Turn Around
  • Small business User Specialist