The Best Smart Home Devices That You Need

These devices are able to do almost anything, from maximising your home security to feeding the pets. Either way, they are helpful, fun and easy to use. Check out what’s on our list for the best smart home devices.

Why make your house a smart home?

The obvious reasons for transforming your house into a smart home include convenience, efficiency and comfort, but have you thought about your own peace of mind and security?

Smart homes offer families peace of mind when it comes to security as smart devices for the home are becoming more popular and available for reasonable prices.

Smart security devices such as front door systems and window sensors make sure that your home is protected from any intruders, even when no one is in.

Making sure you have an effective network is important when transforming your home to become smarter as it means these devices can work efficiently, making them more reliable.

Here’s a list of some great smart devices:

The Amazon Echo

This voice-controlled speaker is virtually your own assistant. All you have to do is speak to the device and if you have the right technology to go along with it, the Echo will work like a charm! For example, say “Alexa turn the heating on in the lounge”. You will need a thermostat such as Hive to allow Alexa to work. Check out a review here.

Need a sound amplifier at home? See this page.

You can also ask Alexa to Google information, play music and tell jokes.

Safe Lock Key Boxes

Perfect for homeowners as well as business owners (especially in the holiday-let industry), police-preferred key-safe boxes are the best for security and keeping the home protected. While this simple solution is a great idea for landlords, who can keep a safe key locked away at the property for tenants who have lost theirs – it is also especially useful for Airbnb self-check-ins as the keycode can be changed each time.

Laminated Glass in All Opening Rooflights

Now, this one isn’t so much a device, but more like a feature that every home needs. Opening rooflights have been designed to combine energy efficiency with effortless automation, as well as contemporary design.

You can order your opening skylights online at EOS Rooflights. We suggest this company over others as all of their models are safe, secure and have laminated glass in all double glazed units.

All of their opening models have an insulated upstand, allowing an actuator to fit within it, rather than having a separate frame for the motor. Order stock sizes today for fast delivery. Click here for your quote.

Other devices that every home needs include:

  1. Nest Learning Thermostat: the ability to control radiators and water heating by connecting wirelessly to your boiler.
  2. Elgato Eve Degree: this tiny weather sensor can measure humidity, temperature and atmospheric pressure.
  3. Philips Hue Ambiance: these lightbulbs can be set to 16 million colours with the automated timer.

Visit to see what products and software are compatible with your devices.